Josh’s Jog was founded in December of 2011 by Jennifer Rominger, older sister to Josh Rominger, after discussing with him after his diagnosis how he would  like to raise children’s cancer awareness.  As she watched Josh slowly regain consciousness and strength after his initial surgeries, Jennifer, with the help of friends and family, formulated a plan to start this foundation, working on her computer in Josh’s hospital room, creating a rudimentary website and registration forms, contacting sponsors, finding a venue, and finally, setting a date – Saturday, May 19, 2012.

The First Annual Josh’s Jog was a success, as there were over 300 participants and $5,500 was raised for the American Cancer Society.  Josh was even able to attend, and his strength and courage that he has shown through his battle thus far encouraged all the runners and walkers to keep pushing until they crossed the finish line.

Seeing the possibilities for the future of Josh’s Jog, Jennifer immediately knew she wanted to continue the event.  Over the past two years, on June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014, two more Josh’s Jogs took place, raising $12,500 total for the American Cancer Society (2013) and CureSearch for Children’s Cancer (2014).  Jennifer felt so incredibly blessed by the outcome of these events and couldn’t help but know Josh was watching over her and all the others involved.

Jennifer is excited for the future of Josh’s Jog, as it currently benefits CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, which focuses its efforts on researching and working to cure childhood cancer, a cause which is extremely close to her heart.  She is working hard to get this organization registered as an official nonprofit foundation, and her hope is that Josh’s Jog will continue to grow, raising children’s cancer awareness and funds for research, while sharing Josh’s story, for many years to come.